Practice Valuation Service

Determining the value of your practice is an important element of practice management planning. Many dentists contact us each year to provide Valuation services, and each of them have their own unique reasons for requesting this valuable service. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Practice Transition Planning*
  • (Associate Buy-In, Practice Sale or Merger)
  • Estate and Insurance Planning
  • Practice Equity Loans/Debt Consolidation
  • Marital or Partner Dissolution

The most common reason that doctors request a Practice Valuation is for practice transition planning. This includes Associate Buy-In, Practice Sale (including Deferred Sale, Pre-Retirement and Retirement Sale), and Practice Merger transitions. We also work with doctors who are concerned about the welfare of their families in the event of a death or disability, and are therefore interested in updating their estate and insurance-related documents. There are also doctors who are interested in cashing in the equity in their practices for investment purposes or debt consolidation. Many doctors find that the information they’ve gained from their Practice Valuation has allowed them to make clearer decisions about their future.

For many doctors, the value of their practices represents one of their most valuable assets. This has become increasingly more apparent due to the state of the economy and its impact on the financial portfolio of many doctors. While many investments (including real estate) have plummeted in value, dental practice values have remained very stable over the last decade.

We use nationally accepted appraisal methods in our Valuations — methods that are nationally recognized by CPA’s, dental practice consultants, and dental practice lenders. During the 32+ years that I’ve been in the practice transition and Valuation business, I’ve worked with doctors throughout the United States and have provided over 1500 Practice Valuations during that time.

How To Get Started

Whenever you’re ready, we will forward you a Professional Practice Data questionnaire for you to complete and return to us Once we receive your information, we will need approximately fifteen working days in order to complete your Valuation. The fee for your Valuation will include a follow-up 30 minute conference with me (if desired). Additional consultation time is available on an hourly fee basis.

*Practice Transition Analysis: An Additional Step To Consider:
Doctors that are contemplating a potential practice transition (i.e., buy-in, sale, merger, etc.) should consider a Practice Transition Analysis which includes a Practice Valuation. This Analysis will provide your transition-candidate (and his or her advisors) with a detailed economic forecast of their potential income during the years that follow the date of the proposed transition. The Analysis also helps owner-doctors to assess the viability and timing of a particular transition before proceeding.