“Successful Practice Transitions” – A Review by the Journal of the Florida Dental Association

Author:  W. David Griggs, DDS

Pennwell Publishing Company – 337 Pages

“This book is just as valuable to new dentists looking to purchase or buyinto an existing practice as it is to mid‐ or late‐career dentists seeking thebest way to cash in practice equity.  The wealth of experience the authoris able to draw upon can only benefit readers as it relates to them.This book takes readers into contemporary thinking that emphasizes establishment, expansion, and cashing in the equity either before or upon retirement.  It gives readers the opportunity to view transition as a career‐long process by defining a path for the various types of transitions available.  Just as the nature of dental practice has made dramatic changes in the last decade or two, strategies for practice transition have undergone similar changes.
This book is a welcome addition to the library of any dentist regardless of career level.  It is as timely for the dentist seeking to establish a practice as it is to one planning an orderly transition at the end of a career.”


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